I’m Andy, a student of evolutionary biology living in Sheffield, and this is my blog. Road Maps for the Soul emerged as a way for me to note down my thoughts and opinions on topics that interest me. Mostly, that seems to involve science and politics. Who knew?

You, dear reader, are encouraged to comment and discuss my posts at greater depth, as is the tradition in this age of forums and blogs. I will try and be as fair as possible in discussions, but open abuse or anything that I deem to have overstepped the line of acceptability will have to be edited or removed. In the words of John Wilkins, “This is my living room, so don’t piss on the floor.”

The title of this blog should not be taken as an indicator of what lies within – it’s just a Bob Dylan lyric I’ve always liked and wanted to use somehow. If you choose to take what is written herein as advice for life, you do so at your own risk.

For purposes of information, I have been a member of the Labour Party since June 2010. However, the contents of this blog reflect my own opinions, not those of any organisation I may or may not belong to.